Imagine you can choose from amazing wearable art collections – from head to toe – or create one of your own with our DIY kits.Creative art begins with an idea, or some inspiration from an outside source, or simply a vision you hold in your head.

Creative art is a physical expression of your creativity – a phenomenon whereby something new and somehow valuable is formed.



“Imagine choosing from amazing wearable art collections…”

Creative art can include visual arts, music, drama and dance, ceramics, wall art, home decor, gardening, the recycling of used, loved or neglected pieces – just about anything that requires imagination.My preferred form of creative art is fashion, my inspirations are beautiful fabric, fibres, dyes, and all forms of embellishments

Our creativeartWEAR begins with a thread – an idea which evolves slowly until it becomes a creation worthy of the designer’s talent – and is truly creativeartWEAR