FASHION Meets Clever Dressing 

Would you believe that creativeartWEAR is here to help you reach your fashion goals?

creativeartWEAR loves the Amazon guide to body shapes.

Fashion and our bodies.  Wouldn’t it be great if we could all see the humorous side to our bodies.  In a perfect world that would be the case.  Would you believe ladies, that we don’t look at our bodies with humour??  creativeartWEAR would like to help you.

Furthermore – it’s not just we mature bodies that need to learn how to make the most of ourselves, some younger bodies need a little help also.


creativeartWEAR is here to help.  First of all – to sum it all up – we are not made equal.  Probably not fair – but it’s a fact.  We don’t like our arms (maybe they do flap in the breeze at times).  We don’t like our fronts or our backs.  Our legs are too short, our hips are too big. Our feet, our hands, our skin, our hair.  The list goes on.  Another reason we are generally not happy with our body shape is because we look at ourselves in a negative light (to be read as “mirror”).  For all those reasons I tell all my customers that our flabby arms and other so call faults, are the individuals thoughts of the individual. Ladies, we are so busy worrying about our flabby arms etc we aren’t really looking at anyone else.  Therefore, if we aren’t looking at others, then others aren’t looking at us.


Sit in a crowded mall, anywhere where women gather.  This is not just an exercise for women – men fall short at times in the dressing to impress category. (Though they should be looking at the men, not the women).  It will soon become obvious who the women are that you admire because they look fabulous. Carefully watch them (but not in a creepy way) and work out why they look fabulous.  Would you believe it has nothing to do with age, body shape or how much money they have.  It’s because they know their body shape and the colours and styles that suit them.  It’s not difficult to achieve similar results.  creativeartWEAR likes to call it – “clever dressing”.  The art of concealment.



I know this sounds scary, but it’s only a few minutes standing naked in front of a full length mirror.  First of all, stay away from “flattering” mirrors – or the “unflattering” mirrors in lingerie and swimwear shops.  If you want to make it easier at home, use a marker pen and draw your shape on the mirror if you can’t quite work it out, or it’s too cold to stand naked.  Before long you will have the answers and be on your way to being one of those women in the mall that you admire.

To sum it all up – let’s talk some more after you have analysed your body shape.

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Enjoy your time in front of the mirror and thanks for reading, and finally,  email me with your thoughts or if you have questions,