2017 has been a year of change for me. At first I retired. Then the urge to create again became too strong. So a new idea was born – and a new direction. What once was Distant Travellers has merged into creativeartWEAR. Not just fashion, but DIY projects, summer sandals and anything else I decide is creative. Also a move from a static shop to completely on-line is a huge change for me.
In this blog I would also like to showcase the creative works of others around the world. I would like to be part of a new direction – Slow Fashion – garments which are lovingly created and crafted to the highest level, using natural fibres and natural dyes, garments which are timeless in themselves and with care will last the wearer for many years to come.
It is true that my targeted market are mature women, with mature bodies, bodies that show they have lived interesting lives. I also have a faithful following of younger women who like the individuality my garments bring to them – they may wear it differently than a more mature person – bringing their own sense of style to the garment.
The styles are individual – the fabric is always of quality – so I present garments to you that are guaranteed to gain admiration.
The caps and visors – DIY – for those who caught the colouring bug and would like to take it further. These are great for gifts, particularly in the corporate world, and come packaged in a colourful organza bag – complete with 8 colourfast fabric pens. Thorough investigation has given me non-bleeding German ink filled pens.
I do not begin to say I am comfortable with computers, and my images may be a bit wonky, but I am passionate about what I do and the belief that women can be outstanding for all of their lives.

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